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9 historical myths in which you still believe

The history of mankind has always been and will be controversial. Historians argue and argue literally on every occasion, whether it is a historical interpretation or an assessment of a particular event, process, personality. But, anyway, all historians agree that the next 9 “facts” about historical personalities are untrue.

Myth: Napoleon Bonaparte was of small stature.

Fact: in fact, the growth of the French emperor was 170 cm.

Myth: Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear.

Fact: the artist cut off only a piece of the lobe.

Myth: Albert Einstein was a poor student at school.

Fact: the future physicist studied well, especially succeeded in the natural sciences and mathematics.

Myth: Thomas Edison invented an electric light bulb.

Fact: Edison came up with a method that allowed the bulb to burn for a long time.

Myth: the idea of ​​gravity Isaac Newton came when an apple fell on his head.

Fact: the apple fell to the ground next to it. But it was his fall that brought the scientist to an ingenious thought.

Myth: Salieri envied Mozart.

Fact: Salieri was a court conductor, so he was more successful than Mozart.

Myth: Fernand Magellan made the first known round-the-world trip.

Fact: he died half way. And his expedition finished his work.

Myth: Cleopatra was an Egyptian.

Fact: Cleopatra originated from the Macedonian Ptolemaic dynasty.

Myth: Mickey Mouse came up with and painted Walt Disney.

Fact: the famous mouse was invented by Ab Iverx, studio artist.

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