7 unpleasant minuses iMac. Personal experience

I thought he was perfect, but it turned out to be untrue.

At my disposal is the 27-inch iMac 2013, which I have been using for about 2 years. In general, even today, this is an excellent machine. It is quiet, elegant, excellently copes not only with everyday tasks, but also with more complex operations. Nevertheless, the computer is not deprived of its shortcomings , which will be discussed in detail in this material.

1. There is no possibility to change iron manually

Proceeding from the fact that the standard version of the model is completed with extremely mediocre HDD for 1 TB, the possibility of an independent upgrade would be very handy. Today’s realities allow us to send a message to the other end of the world in a second. But with this computer you will have to wait more than a minute while the operating system boots.

In terms of self-modification, only the expansion of RAM is available here. And 21-inch models are deprived of this possibility. In all other cases, to upgrade the machine, you will have to cut a double-sided adhesive tape , through which the screen is attached to the body, and perform a number of other manipulations. In general, it is quite feasible task, but still have to tinker.

2. Low maintainability

The second point follows from the first. Monolithic monoblock design for many can be an insurmountable barrier to its contents. Yes, Apple computers have always been famous for excellent components, but there is something to break. Two years of daily computer operation introduced me to some of the malfunctions, which will be discussed below.

3. Weak design of the slope adjuster


Recently an article was published on our website , fully devoted to this topic. A variety of such breakage is a guarantee. Therefore, iMac owners who happened to encounter this malfunction can count not only on free repair at an authorized service center, but also on the return of funds that were spent on repairs earlier.

Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that not always the case of breakage can be recognized as a guarantee. Moreover, in order to carry out free repair in the ASC, the owner must have a complete package of documents on the computer.

So be careful with the iMac and always remember that the stand is the achilles heel of this candy bar.

Estimated cost of repairs: 6000 rubles.

4. Dust under the matri

The second common problem that many iMac owners will face is the appearance of dust at the bottom of the screen. Despite the presence of protective films in the right and left parts of the display, there still remain holes. It is through these holes and the dust between the matrix and the light-deflecting layers in the display module is clogged.

A similar problem in the course of exploitation is expressed as follows. White colors at the bottom of the screen get greyish shades. This is not critical, but with a large amount of dust, it can obviously cause discomfort .

Estimated cost of repairs: 2000 rubles.

5. Huge frames

The iMac even this year looks great. It is big, with juicy colors that do not lose beauty even at different viewing angles. Against the background of all these advantages, the excessively large frames look even more ridiculous.

In the switched off state, the screen is simply incomparable, but if you just turn on the computer, you immediately notice that on every side of the screen, 2.5 cm is eaten by the black emptiness of useless space. Continued use of iMac will make you accept this, but still.

6. Uneven screen illumination

This is another drawback of the screen, with which you have to get used to. When working with black colors and certain external lighting to the unaided eye, the imperfection of the matrix illumination may be noticeable – small lightning at the edges of the screen . Unfortunately, this is, and it’s not fixed.

7. Inconvenient location of ports

The lack of any ports on the front of the candy bar is quite a bold move from Apple. Thanks to this, the aesthetic component of the computer achieves its perfection. In practice, this is not always convenient.

Long years of training will teach you the blind connection of the periphery. But the development of this skill is directly proportional to the erasing of anodized aluminum coating on the back of the device.

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