Xiaomi explained the missing model Mi 7


The company Xiaomi explained where the Mi 7 model was missing and why it will be replaced immediately by Mi 8. The reason was similar to Microsoft’s position when Windows 10 appeared after Windows 8, and Windows 9 got lost somewhere.

According to information from foreign resources, Xiaomi reported that the new flagship will surpass any user expectations. For the sake of emphasizing a special jump compared to the Mi 6 model , the company decided to skip the seventh version and call the device immediately Mi 8.

Smartphone, according to sources, will receive a recess in the top of the display and face detection system 3D-like Face ID in the iPhone the X . The estimated screen diagonal is 6.01 inches (OLED technology), and a fingerprint scanner appears in the display. The filling is standard for flagships: Snapdragon 845 and 6 or 8 GB of RAM, as well as 64/128 GB of storage. It is assumed that the basic version will cost about $ 440-500.

The device is expected to premiere on May 31.

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