Why the battery is the biggest problem of the iPhone

We constantly discuss in the editorial office which smartphone is better. Someone is drowning for the iPhone, someone for Xiaomi, there are even fans of Meizu.

But in disputes, which device is better, there is always one point on which the iPhone loses. This is a battery.

Of course, this problem is for all devices, but after all, Apple is considered one of the most advanced companies. Means and requirements from it corresponding.

Alas, iPhone has a disgusting battery. Even in Plus

You can say as much as you like that the iPhone Plus holds the charge perfectly. And you will even be right. The first month of Apple’s smartphones are really working well. But there is one big “BUT”.

With active use, the iPhone sits in a matter of hours. And if you run on it some heavy game, then even the “plus” will bend after an hour and a half.

IPhone owners need to live permanently at the outlet . Previously, these jokes only concerned Android-devices, but now everything has changed.

Manufacturers began to shove even in budget smartphones very capacious batteries: from 4 to 6-7 thousand mAh. And what does the godlike iPhone do? 2600-2800 mAh. Very weak and weak battery, which in ideal conditions is enough for 10-12 hours.

Meet the Doogee S6000. He has a battery for 6000 mAh

What do I mean by ideal conditions? It’s you who use a smartphone as a dialer and sometimes write to instant messengers. Another bit you surf the Internet. A bit of everything.

In real conditions the iPhone does not work as long as it would be desirable. Let’s say my iPhone X with full capacity. I often correspond to Telegram and write news from smart.


From home to office in 40 minutes, I take about 20% of the battery. This is very much.

My girlfriend has an iPhone 8 Plus, and her situation is not much better. A month after the purchase, the iPhone ceased to live until the end of the day, although the capacity is full, and it uses the device much less than I do.

The genius of engineering thought is not necessary to understand that when the size of the device decreases, the battery should also be reduced.

Apple is trying to increase capacity with smaller sizes. A reduction in the size of the battery in the company is compensated by increased voltage.

“100500 ways to increase the battery life of the iPhone” – they do not work

We often publish various tips to increase the working time of the iPhone. But do they really help? No no and one more time no.

By these tips, you will extend the work time by up to an hour, but this is such an increase in autonomy.

You, too, on a subconscious level are trying to extend the time of the iPhone. For example, turn off the display while playing music, although you could enjoy the album cover.

Either manicly lower the brightness of the display or turn off Bluetooth, in order to give the smartphone to live a little longer.

And when the charge level approaches zero, and you do not have a portable battery with you, you start disconnecting everything, just to keep the iPhone working further.

You stop taking pictures, tweak the brightness to a minimum, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, stop using geolocation applications and so on. Smartphone in a moment turns into an expensive phone call .

Yes, and developers are constantly faced with a lot of restrictions due to a weak battery iPhone. Just imagine how many interesting ideas were rejected because of this.

Apple has all the means to create a new type of battery. But she will not do this

That’s why developers from Cupertino can not stick a graphene battery in the iPhone?

At the end of last year, the world’s first graphene battery, the size of a smartphone, was introduced at the Kickstarter’s Kraufdoding site . It was made by a group of enthusiasts who do not have huge budgets, like Apple’s.

In Cupertino they simply do not want to make their smartphones tenacious. What for? It will further reduce the need for customers in new gadgets.

And so Apple has a trump card. iPhone due to the features of lithium-ion batteries with time running less. There is a need either to replace the battery, or to buy a new iPhone. And in one, and in another case, Apple makes a profit.

But still. It’s time to make normal batteries

I call Tim Cook. Please put a normal battery in your device.

I’m tired of constantly carrying a portable battery and I’m afraid that he too will sooner or later sit down.

I want at least two days of iPhone battery life. Yes, there really is, so that my smartphone normally live out until the evening with active use.

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