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Wargaming closes office in the US and dismisses 150 local employees

In 2013, Wargaming acquired the American studio Gas Powered Games, founded by Chris Taylor in 1998 and released Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander. The studio was then renamed Wargaming Seattle. Today Viktor Kislyi announced its closure. Former employees will help find a new job.

However, the vacant staff of vacancies will be more than enough. In Twitter on the #WGjobs hasht , DICE, Santa Monica, 2K, Bungie and other famous studios have already shared the vacancy list for the laid-off employees.

Employees learned about this this morning at an extraordinary meeting, where the CEO of Wargaming and announced the closure of the studio and the project over which they worked there. It was some unannounced MMO project.


Gas Powered Games was in the colors of Wargaming after the fundraising for a new project on Kickstarter failed. Taylor himself a couple of years ago left the studio and went to solo projects.

Studio Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore, which made console versions of the World of Tanks, continues its work

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