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Top-managers of Vimpelcom and AFK Sistema opposed the blocking of Telegram. Applause was heard at the SPIEF

They supported Durov at the forum that Putin visited.

Vice-President of Vympelcom Mikhail Yakushev. Photo of
Vice-President of Vympelcom Mikhail Yakushev. Photo of

Vice-President of Vympelcom Mikhail Yakushev. Photo of

Representatives of VimpelCom, which owns Beeline, and Sistema’s investment company at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, spoke out against the blocking of Telegram in Russia. This was reported by correspondents of RBC and Kommersant .

Mikhail Yakushev, Executive Vice President for Interaction with the Public Authorities of VimpelCom, noted that from the moment of the Telegram’s blocking, Roskomnadzor first evaluated operators by how successfully they interfere with the messenger’s work. The situation with Telegram has become a negative example of the fact that the authorities do not take into account the opinion of Russian entrepreneurs and other experts, he stressed.

There are so many questions that need studying. For example, how is our Russian programmer [Pavel Durov], the guy who founded such an interesting resource as VKontakte, becomes an extremist and a terrorist?

Mikhail Yakushev
Vice-President of VimpelCom

As a correspondent of Kommersant, after the words of Yakushev in the hall for the business breakfast of SPIEF applause was heard. The representative of VimpelCom was supported by Alexey Katkov, the managing partner of Sistema. According to him, the authorities and entrepreneurs should create conditions for young specialists not to leave Russia.

What I precisely understood, working in a corporation, where there are many businesses: if you do not change people, nothing will change. What Mikhail [Yakushev] said about Durov: instead of [supporting] people who are ready to change all this, to be active pioneers, we squeeze them out and put them in conditions that become as uncomfortable as possible.

Alexey Katkov
Managing Partner of Sistema JSFC

Yakushev and Katkov started talking about the situation with Telegram, remembering the words of the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov at the SPIEF on May 25. The head of the department said that all the recent terrorist attacks in Russia and abroad were allegedly coordinated through the messenger of Pavel Durov.

Since April 16, Roskomnadzor has been trying to block Telegram in accordance with the decision of the Tagansky District Court, which was adopted because the Messenger refused to provide the FSB with encryption keys. Service remains available for many users, who also use VPN and proxy servers. Because of the actions of the agency, which contributed to the registry of prohibited sites to 18 million IP-addresses, many third-party sites were affected.

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