The Most Extreme World’s Carcher

In China, launched another project to test drones. In the role of guinea pigs this time are machines of the system of carding.

It turns out that this type of services will soon become available for those who can not drive a car at all. Although in China this applies to almost all local residents who have rights. Even taxi drivers here are accustomed to suddenly unfold through two solid ones, leaving before the oncoming traffic and substituting for the impact of passengers, according to Telegram-channel Auto -telegram .

And that’s why the test of “future carring” in China will turn out not only the most extreme, but also the most impartial. Immediately it becomes clear how autopilot is ready to react adequately to extraordinary situations. And they will happen here every day. If not every minute …

So far, in an experiment that is conducted on the roads of the largest city of the country – Chongqing (with a population of about 40 million people) – involved six electric cars of Chinese production (filling for unmanned control, by the way, also local). If within a month serious accidents involving these unmanned vehicles do not occur, then by the end of the year on city streets there will already be one hundred such cars. And starting from next year, their mass introduction will begin in other cities of the country.

Although, who knows, perhaps, after various accidents, as in the States, the project and technology will have to be seriously refined. And this can take a lot of time.

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