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The head of Twitter does not use a laptop at all. Here are its main rules

He does everything with a smartphone, because it’s so convenient.

Jack Dorsey. Getty Images
Jack Dorsey. Getty Images

41-year-old founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey came to Australia and told local journalists that he does not have a laptop. Instead, the entrepreneur “does everything” with the help of a smartphone, because it is more convenient for him to work.

Correspondent 9 News at a press breakfast asked Dorsey about what he is taking measures to ensure his safety on the Internet. The journalist in his question referred to a photograph of Mark Zuckerberg with a sealed webcam on the laptop.

Photos from Mark Zuckerberg's facebook page
Photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook page

I think that to eat your time is capable of anything. We store so many things in gadgets, there are so many interesting things that you definitely can lose.

Jack Dorsey
founder of Twitter

Rules of Dorsey:

  • Do not check your smartphone in the morning. Dorsey does this only after going to work;
  • Disable notifications. On the way to work, Dorsey clears all notifications in the smartphone to focus on only one open application. He believes that in the case of a laptop would have to be distracted much more often;
  • Do not write messages with your hands. Dorsey, when typing, usually uses voice input to focus on specific tasks;
  • Do not use gadgets at business meetings. At conferences, lanterns and other internal events, he and his colleagues close smartphones and laptops. So they do not “just spend time together” and are not distracted, but focus on resolving issues;
  • Enable two-factor authentication. Dorsey believes that this is one of the most important security features available: “I know it hurts [to do], but it’s very important.”
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