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The director of “Logan” will remove the spin-offs of “Star Wars” about Bob Fett

James Mangold will be engaged in a branch of “Star Wars” – the director is going to put a film about Bob Fett. This is reported by the resource Hollywood Reporter. It is noted that Mangold will also be the author of the script for a new blockbuster.

The last work of the director at the moment is the “Logan” fighter about Wolverine, who was generally received positively by critics. Details about the movie in the universe of “Star Wars” is not yet – it seems, the tape is only at the stage of discussion.

Disney has large-scale plans to develop the universe of George Lucas: on a par with the new trilogy, the film company announced the release of separate films on the significant characters of the Star Wars. For example, the other day in the world of hire came an insurgent about Khan Solo.

Boba Fett appears in the fifth episode of the saga – “The Empire Strikes Back.”

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