Rumor: Andy Rubin is selling Essential after the failure of the smartphone

Appeared last year, Essential Phone looked impressive: a promising start-up led by Andy Rubin, the creator of the Android operating system, a fresh solution at that time with a notch on the top of the screen. But sales were not asked: the model was not in high demand even after the price reduction. And now came the bad news.

Familiar with the situation sources say that the development of the second generation of Essential Phone is canceled. Moreover, the company’s management is looking for brand buyers. It is reported that at the moment Essential is doing some kind of device within the concept of a smart home. Rubin himself has not directly confirmed these rumors, but he has not denied them either.

It may well be that Essential will simply abandon the mobile unit, focusing on devices for other segments.

In total Essential Phone found about 150 thousand buyers.

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