Places of shooting “Games of Thrones” in Malta

The post that in reality the places advertised to tourists are not the same as in beautiful photographs reminded me of my recent trip to Malta. There I studied yachting, and chose this place, as it is a) an island, and b) there are direct flights from Moscow.

However, it is also a very ancient island with a bunch of old buildings (in fact, even modern buildings look somehow medieval), so there were filmed many episodes of the series “The Game of Thrones”.

And, naturally, I could not help visiting some of these places, armed with one of the guides to the places of filming.

The most favorite place for tourists, the “Azure Arch”, a natural arch washed by the sea in sandstone, ceased to exist because of the storm of 2017. Against her background, the wedding Dayneris.

Now there is nothing like this anymore, but in Malta it is quite possible to find something similar, especially from the water.

Other places still exist. For example, one of the gates of the Royal Harbor:

In fact, this is the main entrance to the old capital of Malta, Mdina:

The old capital, like the new one, is a very popular place for tourists.

There is also an area on which was located one of the brothels Mizinets:

In fact, this is the central square of Mdina, very small, like everything on the island.

The royal garden in which Ed Stark warned Cersei that he knows everything, and she is his – that he does not understand everything:

His role is played by one of the many monasteries (on tiny Malta of all religious constructions there are more than 300). It is built in the form of a high wall of a square plan, there is a gallery inside the perimeter, and in the center there is that same garden. Go to the kindergarten, unfortunately, you can not.

Another place is the city square where Stark was beheaded.

It was shot in one of the many forts of the island. Unfortunately, where exactly, it was not possible to understand – apparently, there was much added in post-production.

Some locations where the shooting took place, it is quite difficult to visit – for example, several scenes were filmed in the palace where the President of Malta works. You can only look inside.

And yet the tour was very interesting. On the narrow streets of the cities of Malta it is very easy to imagine yourself in the entourage of the fairy-tale Middle Ages.

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