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Phytonyash showed that in useful and harmful food the same calories (11 photos)

Fitness blogger Lucy Mountain (Lucy Mountain) from the UK decided to demonstrate to everyone that the caloric content of harmful and healthy food can sometimes be the same. Thus, the girl showed that in small quantities you can consume any food.

Potato chips – 194 kcal, vegetable – 217 kcal.

Biscuits from the category of “healthy food” and the usual sweet cookies – 230 and 280 kcal.

It is believed that when losing weight, it is necessary to eat gluten-free foods. But 100 grams of milk chocolate and 100 grams of chocolate without milk and gluten contain almost the same number of calories.

The difference between the calorie content of milk and bitter chocolate with 85% of the content of cocoa is very small.

Nuts and fruit candies.

Of products with the same number of calories, it is better to choose fresh.

When choosing coffee, remember that most calories are in cream and sugar. Americano will be much “lighter” than latte or cappuccino.

In the toast of black bread will be almost half the calories, if not to smear it with oil.

A useful salad dressed with fatty sauce increases its caloric content by half.

Special attention requires smoothies. Identical drinks can significantly differ in the amount of calories.

“Daily calorie counting is not the only way to lead a healthy lifestyle. If this is getting on your nerves – just stop. Choose fresh and get pleasure from food, “- sums up Lucy.

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