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Kendrick Lamar threatened to remove his music from Spotify due to a conflict of service with XXXtentacion and R Kelly


As a result, streaming service will meet the musicians, whose behavior does not correspond to its values.

Kendrick Lamar. Photos Billboard
Kendrick Lamar. Photos Billboard

American rapper and Grammy Award winner Kendrick Lamar stood up for the musicians in a conflict with the streaming service Spotify, Bloomberg reportedreferring to sources in the industry. His act is due to the fact that the company removed the tracks of rappers XXXTentacion and R Kelly from the playlists after a change in domestic policy.

According to the agency, Lamar was among the “disappointed” decision Spotify. He told the representatives of the service that he would remove all his tracks from there, if he “will keep the old policy.” Some of the employees of the company also expressed their dissatisfaction.

After criticism from artists and their own employees, Spotify decided to “partially retreat” and return the songs of XXXTentacion to playlists and recommendations. Bloomberg found out that the service management had begun negotiations with representatives of the music industry to change the internal rules again. However, Spotify still does not plan to promote the work of R Kelly.

The scandal erupted after March 10, when Spotify announced changes in the policy attitude to content and behavior that propagates hatred. R Kelly and XXXTentacion became the first victims of the new rules: their tracks were removed from official playlists, and the albums from recommendations. The songs of rappers remained in the service and playlists that users created themselves.

In recent years, R Kelly has been accused several times of sexual violence against girls. XXXTentacion served a prison sentence for beating a pregnant girl.

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