iPhone can be turned into a contactless key with iOS 12

Four years ago, Apple introduced the first iPhone with a built-in NFC-sensor. Since then, the company has managed to launch the payment system Apple Pay and all owners of the iPhone 6 and later to open the magic of contactless payments.

This completes the functionality of the NFC sensor. Attached – paid. No more. It seems that with the release of iOS 12, the company is considering expanding the capabilities of the built-in NFC module.

According to the information published by TheInformation, Apple plans to provide developers with access to NFC functionality to expand its capabilities.

Presented at WWDC 2017 CoreNFC.

Built-in iPhone proximity sensor can be used as a key to the door in hotels or as a transit card when transporting luggage.

The first changes in the expansion of the functionality of NFC Apple has taken with the release of iOS 11. Then there was a CoreNFC system for scanning RFID tags. But it is still very limited and requires constant activation of the accompanying application.

Apple is also interested in such an implementation of the NFC algorithm, in which, say, in order to open the door lock, the user had only to bring the iPhone to the keyhole. However, without opening additional applications. Who knows, maybe in iOS 12 developers will succeed. 9to5 ]

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