In smart phones ZTE, DEXP and others found embedded viruses

ZTE was again unlucky. In the technology of the company found the built-in viruses. True, ZTE is not alone.

Avast specialists reported finding several hundred models of smartphones with built-in viruses. Here is the list of affected companies:

ZTE, Oysters, Archos, Prestigio, Telefunken, Irbis, Supra, Blaupunkt, Digma, Auchan, Explay, Goclever, DEXP, Haier

Among the devices with viruses was even a tablet Beeline Tab Fast. Strictly speaking, here is a complete list of devices infected with the Cosiloon virus. Curiously, among these gadgets were even certified by Google .

The virus application consists of two parts: a pipette and a payload.

The ” pipette ” is already embedded in the firmware and can not be deleted without root-rights. There is a kind of malware that is built into the stock launcher, which is difficult to remove even with the “root”.

” Payload ” is a typical adware offering the user to download applications for any Google services, including an application store.

It is noted that the “pipette” tracks the activity of the “payload”. And when it is removed, it will restore the necessary Virus files.

Avast experts noted that Cosiloon runs on Android 4.2-6.0. The development of the virus began at least five years ago. Android Authority ]

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