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How water is stored in the Himalayas

India, the mountainous region Ladakh is a cold desert, there are few rains. The main sources of water are the melting of mountain snow and ice. Well, as always, when you need water to irrigate the fields in April and May – the streams dry up. And in the summer – stormy melting and even floods happen. It is difficult, expensive and inefficient to build reservoirs in such an area.

Local engineer and innovator, Sonam Vanchuk, came up with an elegant solution to the problem without any pumps and construction. In winter, from the mountain streams, the water flows down the pipe itself, the difference is more than 60 meters, and then it is sprayed, freezes and folds into ice cones. These vaults calmly stand until the summer and provide water for watering 10 hectares of fields in April and May, when there is not enough water.

Full-scale cones with a height of about 25 meters have earned since last year. Sonam Vanchuk received financial assistance from Swiss watchmaking giant Rolex and is going to further build unusual water storage facilities.

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