How to change the grid of icons in Launchpad on a Mac

Launchpad is a useful thing in macOS, which allows you to quickly find and run installed applications.

The Launchpad icon is initially located in the Dock, and if necessary, you can find the application in the standard Programs folder .

When you connect a Mac to external monitors, not everyone likes to display the Launchpad. The program icons can be too large or small. Space can be used irrationally. There is a simple command that allows you to change the number of columns and rows in the menu for more convenient display of shortcuts.

1. Launch the Terminal application (via Spotlight or from Launchpad).

2. Enter the command:

defaults write springboard-columns -int X

Instead of X, specify the desired number of columns with icons. We confirm the entry by pressing the Enter (Return) key .

To change the number of rows, enter another command:

defaults write springboard-rows -int Y

Instead of Y, specify the required number of rows.

3. Enter the command to restart the dock:

killall Dock

Immediately we see the result.


To return to the default values, you should run the following commands:

defaults delete springboard-rows
defaults delete springboard-columns
defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE
killall Dock

Enter each command by pressing the Enter (Return) key .

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