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Gypsies celebrated a wedding for 200 people in Spain and fled without paying

Customers initially made a deposit and left their phone numbers, but then they did not take the pipes.

The young couple celebrated the wedding in one of the restaurants in the Spanish municipality of Vivero. On her walked 200 people. And when the owners of the restaurant showed an account, it turned out that there was nobody to pay more than eight thousand euros. This is reported by local media.

Romanian Gypsies made a pledge of 1.5 thousand euros, showed documents and exchanged telephone numbers with the management of the institution.

The wedding was celebrated with a wide scope: for the guests was the famous Romanian singer Nikolay Gutse, who was delivered by private aircraft. The bride’s dress was embroidered with Swarovski crystals. The guests were treated to expensive fish, chops from a lamb. As alcohol, there were wine and whiskey.

When the waiters brought the bill, the guests answered that the father of the groom, who had money, drank too much. Therefore, they will give money the next day. However, neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow no one came. When the restaurant staff began to call the left numbers, no one took the tube.

A few days later I got in touch with the groom’s brother’s wife. According to the woman, her husband got into an accident. Later, she stated that he went to Romania for money.

Representatives of the institution appealed to the police. It is noted that the family has been living in the Spanish town of Vivero for a long time in the Romanian community, there is no information about sources of income or data on registration at the place of residence in the police. Law enforcement officers can not detect newlyweds or close relatives. It is not excluded that the whole family went to Romania.

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