Civilian tank Ripsaw EV2 (9 photos)

In front of you is the unique Ripsaw EV2 all-terrain vehicle from the American company Howe and Howe from the city of Waterborough, Maine. The prefix EV, which usually means electric cars in this case, means “extreme vehicle” (Extreme Vehicle). Let’s figure out what this transport represents.

The company positions this transport as a “luxury supertank of the high-end class”, although, in fact, it is a high-speed caterpillar all-terrain vehicle. Despite the mass of 4.5 tons, a 600-horsepower diesel engine will provide an all-terrain vehicle with excellent dynamics. The manufacturer calls the Ripsaw EV2 “the fastest transport with two tracks in the world”, but do not hurry to disclose its characteristics. The civilian tank also received a long-legged suspension, a luxurious interior and many modern functions. Build cars will be manually ordered, but their price is not specified. The previous version cost a minimum of 200 000 US dollars.

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