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Betray me completely! Review of “Han Solo: Star Wars”

Well, whether you like it or not, Disney has turned its production line for Star Wars to its fullest, and now nothing will stop it. On the other hand, if a dozen or two superheroes are staring at us from different angles in colorful tights, then why not use the “cosmomic comics” of George Lucas? Meet the new screens of the hero city with the new “Star Wars”!

  • Non-canonical spin-off
  • Khan, I’m your mother!

Non-canonical spin-off

Yes, yes, most recently, some have already been, but then the eighth episode with the salvation of the world and the struggle with the evil in the world evil. Continuation of the canon, so to speak. And now they show the “non-canonical” spin-off, the offshoot from the main saga. All actions take place in the same fictional world, with the same problems and races, but do not concern the main storyline.

The first such spin-off was “Izgoy-one” a year and a half ago. There we were told about brave guys who, at the cost of their lives, obtained the drawings of the Death Star. It turned out to be very exciting. But now they are not aiming at some out-and-out fighters, but on one of the main heroes of the franchise – Khan Solo!

Surprisingly, the impression was created that the broadcasters are not trying to attract viewers to the May Star Wars. By the release of the seventh to eighth episodes, and to “Izgoyu-one,” some nightly preconceptions were held, which crowds of fans gathered. This time there was nothing like this (or did I miss?), And the first daytime session on Thursday disappointed the total absence of spectators! It is gratifying, of course, that on weekdays people work tirelessly, and do not stagger around film premiers, but where are the students, schoolchildren, in the end “chubakkoplonniki”? There are no them, and the session was almost canceled. Are they all tired of Star Wars?

“Khan Solo” and the truth is not quite like the classic from the 1970’s and 80’s. But these are all the new movie scenes of the universe of George Lucas. Before us is a multi-genre collection, in which a bandit-street drama, a western, a melodrama, a thriller can be guessed easily. Vader is a witness – there are even trenches here as if straight from the movie about the Second World War!

But do not turn up your nose. Meets in “Khan Solo” and what the “adults” like “Star Wars” are for. All these space bars and singers with charming voices, lots of metal and neon, fantastic creatures of varying degrees of intelligence and galactic kraken, space flights and dusty caves, emperors and insurgents. All this is enough here. Is that the scale of events is smaller. Where there to the destiny of the world of the emperors and Jedi. They do not count. So, small swearing, at the stake of which there is only one or two lives. Nothing compared to the cosmopolitan passions of the main saga.

Judge for yourself. The protagonist is some tramp from Corellia (no, the word is correctly written, it’s not in Russia, although it sometimes seems), trades in small and not very small theft for the glory of the local criminal syndicate. Somehow breaking out of the homeland, Khan Solo then plays a war, then he is driven to a gang of the same adventurers, then he works for a mafia boss, he sympathizes with the insurgents. In general, no noble impulses, only a desire to survive and save your beloved, left on your own planet. To do this, you need to get (buy / steal / win – the right one to circle) a steep ship.

With my beloved Kira eventually meet, but something with the once hotly beloved girl is not so. Maybe the whole point is that she dresses well and flaunts the brand of a gang? Although it does not matter if you have to go through a series of cool, funny, and sometimes boring adventures.

Khan, I’m your mother!

With the adventures of “Khan Solo” everything is fine, but not very good. Cinema on the most caption is crammed with action and various locations. But among the first, blaster dueling prevails, while the latter are overused by mines, dungeons and caves, sometimes too “indiano-Jonesian” and dusty.

The plot revelations from the film should not be expected. The feeling, as if the writers were also thinking about it closer to the finale. Desperately wrinkling their foreheads, at the very end they gave out an incredible number of twists a la “Luke, I’m your father!”. For the first time this turn comes pretty well, but when the traitors who betray you recently betray traitors again (well, or something like that), then your face willy-nilly acquires this expression:

Trying to delve into all the ups and downs shown on the screen? It’s not worth it. However, the picture is good for others – it provides answers to long-ago questions in the distant galaxy regarding the smuggler’s personal history. Why “Solo”? Under what circumstances did Khan meet Lando? How did you win the Millennial Falcon? Why is a healthy and handsome man living with a hairy monkey, and not with a beautiful woman? Where did Chewbacca come from, after all, and why did he become so attached to Solo?

Not all answers and illustrations look convincing. But they at least have, and this means that the “Han Solo” at the very least complements the “Star Wars” universe. Only happens all this without the usual scale, and also without the soulfulness of “Izgoy-one.”

To blame for the shortcomings of the tape actors have no reason. Of course, there were concerns about the performer of the main role. But almost unknown 28-year-old Alden Ehrenrajk adequately coped with a difficult burden. Outwardly, he is not very much like the young Harrison Ford, but his facial expressions are not, and will make you remember the very Khan Solo. The same cunning squint, the same mischievous smile – on the computer, or something, they were painted? It’s a pity only the charisma of Ford is not enough.

“Mother of the Dragons”, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover as Lando, Paul Bettany’s villain – all tried. And Chui, of course, still glows loudly! On the “Oscar” is not played, but within the “Star Wars” to do it is impossible. Dislike of acting does not arise, and this is already good.

And yet it is interesting, what would have turned out of the “Khan Solo”, if the film was given to dispatch Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. For a minute, these are the most ridiculous chudels that gave the genre of “comedy” such pictures as “Lego. Film “and both parts” Macho and Botan “. Imagine what they could create with their little hands with the “Star Wars”? Me not! But it would be interesting to look at such a variation of the “Space Eggs”.

It is rumored, precisely because of the sharp reluctance of the studio to turn the spin-off into an improvisation-built satirical farce of the directors, was urgently replaced by Ron Howard, who was tested for years. It turned out that it turned out – a standard Hollywood movie about the “Star Wars” of the “Disney” era.

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