A visitor to the Tretyakov Gallery explained that he had spoiled the picture “Ivan the Terrible kills his son” because of unreliability


Updated: during the interrogation the suspect admitted that he was drunk.

Repin's room in the Tretyakov Gallery. Photo from the site "Kultura.rf"
Repin’s room in the Tretyakov Gallery. Photo from the site “Kultura.rf”

A visitor to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow who damaged Ilya Repin’s painting Ivan the Terrible and his Son Ivan November 16, 1581, turned out to be a 37-year-old from Voronezh, Tass reported, citing a source in law enforcement agencies. According to the agency, the detainee first explained why he ruined the canvas.

Detained for damage to the painting in the Tretyakov Gallery, a 37-year-old man explained to the police that he damaged the picture because of the unreliability of the historical facts depicted on the canvas.

interlocutor TASS

According to the TASS source, a visitor from Voronezh is in Moscow without registration. Mash said that the man’s name is Igor Podporin. Now he is detained.

Mash published a video of the interrogation of Podporin, to which he says he was drunk. “He came to look at her [the picture]. At eight o’clock in the evening I already wanted to leave, went into the buffet, drank 100 grams of vodka and something. I do not drink vodka, so I covered it, “he explained.

The press service of the Tretyakov Gallery told that the man was one of the last visitors on May 25. He broke into the empty hall, when the staff conducted his scheduled inspection. Then the suspect took the guard railing and struck her several strokes on the thick glass, which protects the canvas from fluctuations in the temperature and humidity regime. After the glass broke, the pieces broke through the canvas in the center – three places on the figure of the prince. The author’s frame after the fall was “badly damaged”.

The picture was removed from the permanent exposition, removed from it fragments of glass, removed the frame and sent to the restoration in the workshop. In order to create a restoration program, it is planned to convene a council with leading experts. The Tretyakov Gallery has not officially estimated the cost of damage yet.

By a lucky chance, the most valuable – the images of the faces and hands of the Tsar and the Tsarevich – did not suffer.

press service of the Tretyakov Gallery

The Ministry of Internal Affairs instituted criminal proceedings against a visitor to the Tretyakov Gallery for part 1 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code (“Destruction or damage to cultural heritage sites”).

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