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The reaction of the Ministry of Defense to official accusations of Russia in the collapse of the Malaysian “Boeing”

Evidence of the Dutch allegedly painted on computers, and the old “Buki” in Russia was recycled for three years before the disaster.

After the publication of the report of the International Investigation Team:

It is a matter of concern that the Dutch investigation is aimed at justifying its conclusions by using only images from social networks that have been expertly processed by computer graphics editing tools. These fakes were disavowed and refuted by Russian experts.

Dutch investigators do not take into account at all the testimony of eyewitnesses from the Ukrainian settlements close to the disaster area, which testify to the launch of the missile from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Numerous witnesses of the tragedy in the sky of Ukraine are not depersonalized images from social networks, but specific people who made their statements for the record, including representatives of European and American media.

extracts from the statement of the Ministry of Defense ( quote on “Star”)

After official accusations of the Netherlands and Australia against Russia:

The serial number put on the engine of the rocket [Buka] unequivocally indicates that this unit was manufactured in 1986 in the USSR.

The deadline for the operation of the missile, the engine from which was demonstrated by the Dutch commission last Thursday, was 2011, […] after which all the missiles of this year’s release were sent for recycling.

However, this applies only to Russian air defense units who have received and are receiving necessary and serviceable missile weapons from a single manufacturer, also located in Russia.

extracts from the statement of the Ministry of Defense ( quote on TASS)
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