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The American lost the house

But he worries more for the personal things that have disappeared with him.

The Pennington House. Photo from Facebook
The Pennington House. Photo from Facebook

A resident of the city of Butler in Pennsylvania, Roger Pennington complained about the loss of the house. On May 19, he published an announcement in Facebook about the disappearance of the building and asked those who saw him to contact him.

Pennington told WBKO that in 2017 he bought a house with an area of ​​3.5 by 8.5 meters through the Internet. First of all, he was interested in the good location of the house near the forest. Before that, he lived in a house on wheels and planned to move into a new home.

I lived in a house on wheels to move there. But now this is another story.

Roger Pennington
owner of a lost house

On May 2 Pennington left Butler. Returning on the 10th, he found that he was not at home, only a few of his things lay on the ground. Why Pannelington reported missing the house in just 9 days, is unknown. The total sum of the missing property the man estimated at 1,5 thousand dollars and added that things are more important for him than the house itself.

The one who took the house, cut the chain on the fence and left traces of tires on the site. Pennington suggested that the house was taken by a man who had previously been taken away for his debts. He added that he would return the house if they contacted him in advance. The man also does not rule out that the house could be stolen. Investigating the Butler police.

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