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Soon in every home: novelties of household appliances

In recent years, home appliances are faced with more and more changes. Although in most cases designers and engineers do not succeed in changing the principle of the operation of some home appliance, they are very willing and no less successful experimenting with the expansion of functionality and are trying to improve the efficiency of gadgets.

1. “Clever” washing machines

Washing machine – one of the most complex and “voracious” in the matter of energy consumption of household units. In the last few years, engineers have been paying great attention to the fact that such a technique consumes as little electricity as possible. No less attention will be paid to the “smart” potential of washing machines. Numerous modes, the possibility of remote control from a mobile device and the introduction of touchscreens – that’s just a little than the growth of the car in recent times.

2. Refrigerators with display

Not so long ago refrigerators with a touch screen were regarded as an object of unprecedented luxury and inappropriate kitsch. Today it is quite obvious that it is behind “smart” refrigerators with a computer future. The main advantage of this technique in the ability to keep the situation with products under control remotely. And even such refrigerators can order food themselves.

3. Cabinet-robot

Who, besides a beloved grandmother, in the house can admire the smooth laying of all clothes? Especially when you need ironing and folding a whole mountain of laundry and wardrobe items after a large-scale wash. Now all this is behind, because everything listed for a person can make a cabinet.

4. Super blender

Not such an ingenious technology, as it may seem at first glance, but still worthy of attention. The secret of the vacuum blender is quite simple. He can make a nutritious puree from just about everything. At the same time, the products will not lose their taste qualities. The only “but” is the price of such a blender. Many experts in the field of technology, having become acquainted with him more closely, stated that the cost of such a kitchen appliance should not exceed $ 100.

5. Glass iron

Probably, the iron is not at all the household appliance from which you expect any innovations. This iron, for example, is completely transparent. It is assumed that the glass will treat the fabric much more carefully than the metal. This gadget can already be bought, although the price of it and “bites.”

And more: Hood at the bottom

Not such an innovation. The hood at the level of the working surface was invented long ago. However, they did such only on plates of premium brands and models. Now this luxurious innovation is moving to the middle price segment. The meaning of the hood is extremely simple – it does not allow evaporation to escape from the place of cooking, thus preventing the spread of odors and fat in the kitchen.

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