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Search for Twitter can be configured to see your tape, but 10 years ago

The same users you are subscribed to now are just jokes and problems from 2008

American programmer and technobloger Andy Baio (Andy Baio) shared a way how to “move” his tape on Twitter from May 25, 2018 in May 25, 2008. The microblogging service has advanced search settings with many filters. If you put them right , you can see what people wrote 10 years ago on which the user is signed now.

Some media used the “rewind time” and noted that previously Twitter was used quite differently. There were fewer disputes, often there were links to non-working sites, TwitPic (service for downloading photos) and TinyURL (shortcuts).

The journalists came to the conclusion that earlier the social network was more about “life” than about jokes and news. For example, people often shared where they are or where they are going. According to the author of The Outline, according to the old tweets from his tape, it seems that users were “slightly dumber” before.

Settings can be changed for any year or day. For example, on May 25, 2013.

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