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Russian mobile game “Plant a forest” won a grant of the World Expo 2020 Dubai

The Russian ecological educational game for mobile devices “Posadi Les” will receive support within the framework of the social impact of Expo Live, implemented by the organizers of the World Expo 2020 Dubai. The game is designed to engage users in the restoration of forests, combining virtual reality and reality: planting trees in the game, the user simultaneously contributes to the restoration of these forests. The initiator of the creation of the game is the service for restoring the forests of . The game will be presented at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

In the Innovation Impact grant program, more than 2,300 candidates from 136 countries took part in the Expo Live initiative. Mobile game “Plant the forest” was the only finalist from Russia. The means of the program “Expo Live” are directed to support projects that offer non-standard solutions to actual problems and improve the quality of people’s lives or the state of the environment.

“Using modern technologies, the creators of the project PosadiLes teach users the principles of sustainable development – this principle was chosen as the most important additional topic Expo 2020. In addition, thanks to the innovative approach, participants have the opportunity to influence the reality of things. Such initiatives help improve the ecological situation on the planet, and we strive to support such undertakings “, – says vice president of the Expo Live program at Expo 2020 Dubai Yusuf Kayres.

The task of the creators of the game “Plant the Forest” – with the help of modern technologies to teach users a responsible and creative attitude to priceless natural resources. Purchased virtual trees in the game will be planted by the service and activists of the ECA movement in the affected forest areas. After their landing, players will receive photos and gps coordinates of the seedlings. For users, the game will also become a source of knowledge about the forest and its inhabitants.

“Winning the contest will allow us not only to create a game, but also to bring our project to restore forests to the international level. Thanks to PosadiLes service, 100,000 trees have already been planted in Russia and now we are looking for partners in other countries. It is important for us to become a part of a global team of innovators who aim to improve people’s lives and preserve nature, “says service manager Marianna Munteanu.

Game “Plant the Forest” also entered the list of finalists of the international competition of IT-startups EMERGE CHALLENGE in Minsk.

About the creators of the game “Plant a forest”

The initiators of the creation of the game are engaged in the restoration of Russian forests since 2010. The volunteers of the ECA movement planted about 10 million seedlings in 47 regions of Russia, and created 5,000 school nurseries. In 2016, the service was created, which allows everyone to plant their own tree without leaving home.

With the help of service and thanks to the support of its users, more than 75 hectares of forest were restored in 15 Russian regions, which is equivalent to an area of ​​100 football fields. Young trees are planted in areas specially prepared by local forest districts, they also carry out subsequent care for seedlings.a source

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