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Research: Tinder users have no more sexual connections than other people

Through the service, you can find sex for one night with the same probability as a bar counter.

Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology analyzed thesocial activity and sexual behavior of 641 students. They found out that most of those who used Tinder were looking for short-term sexual relationships, but did not actually get them.

The study involved students aged 19 to 29 years, more than half of whom used “mobile applications for dating on the basis of photographs”, and every fifth was an active user. Scientists described such people as having a “high level of socio-sexual orientation” or interest in sex without loyal relationships.

Among the group of active users Tinder was approximately equal number of men and women. However, the service did not help them meet each other’s needs, the scientists noted .

Users of dating applications have no more casual sexual partners than other people with short-term goals [in a relationship].

Mons Bendixix
scientist of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

According to the researchers, Tinder replaces attempts to get acquainted with someone in the bar for the sake of sex “for one night.” Despite the fact that the service offers a choice of a lot of people, it does not give more results than other ways to find a partner.

Also, scientists found out how men and women usually behave in Tinder. Women prefer to spend more time on the application, delving into the evaluation of each proposed person. At the same time, men are “much more effective” – ​​they make quick decisions.

Also, judging by the results of the study, despite the fact that most users are looking for sexual relations in Tinder, both men and women often use the app as entertainment. Service is perceived as a mobile game, which you can fill your free time.

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