On the roof of the Moscow shopping center they drew the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars at a scale of 1: 1

Work on graffiti took six days.

A team of five artists painted 3D graffiti for the Falcon Millennium Falun Gong Khan Solo on the roof of the Aviapark shopping center in Moscow. His appearance is timed to the premiere of the film “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories “, the project was supported by a network of KARO theaters.

A representative of the team told that the area of ​​the figure was 587 square meters. The creation of graffiti took six days and more than 150 liters of paint, which was applied layer by layer to achieve the maximum realism of the image.

If you look at it from the air, it creates the feeling that the spacecraft has just landed or is about to take off.

Sergey Moon
team representative

Premiere of the painting “Khan Solo: Star Wars. History “in Russia was held on May 24.

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