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Media: Harvey Weinstein is about to surrender to the New York police because of accusations of harassment

The Hollywood producer still denied everything said by the actresses.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstei

Harvey Weinstein. AFP / Getty Images
Harvey Weinstein. AFP / Getty Images

n, accused of sexual harassment, intends to surrender to the police of New York on Friday, May 25, told The New York Times and The New York Daily News . According to the publications, he will be arrested and charged.

Officially, Weinstein’s lawyer refused to comment in the media. Until then, the producer had denied all allegations of sexual harassment, assault and rape, and that after that he forced his victims to remain silent.

Since October 2017, 71 women have described the harassment of Weinstein. The charges are investigated by the police of Los Angeles, New York and London. According to the media, the Manhattan police will show him at least one charge – from actress Lucia Evans, who was one of the first to report the harassment of the producer. It is not known whether the decision on her suit will extend to other charges.

The material of The New Yorker said that in 2003, Weinstein forced Evans to oral sex. At that time, she graduated from college and dreamed of an acting career, and the producer invited her to the Miramax office. He promised to come with an assistant, but eventually came alone.

According to the NY Times, prosecutors are also investigating the testimony of actress Pas de la Huerta. According to her words , in 2010, Weinstein raped her twice: first, he offered to drive up to the house, asked for a visit and threw her on the bed, and a month later the situation is repeated.Ft

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