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Live Story: Why Watch the Stanley Cup Finals

A young team from Las Vegas against Alexander Ovechkin, who for the first time in his career is a step away from the championship.

Last night the finalists of the NHL playoff series finally decided: “Washington Capitals” defeated “Tampa Bay” and for the first time in 20 years reached the final of the Stanley Cup. Now they will meet with the “Vegas Golden Knights” – and this is really a landmark event, not only in North American, but in world hockey.

The fact is that these are not just the two best teams from the set in the most powerful hockey league. Each team has its own story and its good reason not to back down and not give up just this year.

First of all, it should be said about Golden Knights. A young team, created only last year, did not succeed. Collected from those players that others refused (when a new club is being created in the NHL, the team chooses from athletes who are not “protected” by other clubs), the team based in the hot and completely “non-hockey” Las Vegas literally blew up the Pacific Division. Having set a whole bunch of records for the team-debutant, she as on the boulevard went through the season in the series of the playoffs.

A good goalkeeper is half the victory. Vegas has a great goalkeeper.

As in bad sports dramas, nobody hoped for Vegas. The victories were called accidents, the exit to the playoffs was a curiosity, the defeat in the first match was a verdict. But the team went on and on, kneeling more experienced and famous opponents.

And here for the first time in half a century, the debutant team is in the final of the Cup. And if this year they manage to win, then the newcomers will take the Cup in general for the first time in 100 years. Well, what about the historical x ***?

Pre-match shows from Golden Knights are incomparable

But the “Vegas” is opposed by the Washington Capitals, and their motivation for victory is not weaker.

“Capitals” – one of the strongest teams of the NHL, and its captain, Alexander Ovechkin, he’s Ovi, he’s Alexander the Great – literally Russian rock star of American hockey. But 12 years of confident victories in regular matches were accompanied by stable defeats in the playoffs. Almost every year the team faced in the second round with its sworn opponent, “Pittsburgh” and lost the match for the match. But this year the curse was removed: the “Capitals” passed the “Penguins” and grabbed Tampa Bay with a death grip, not without difficulty defeating it.

The last seconds of the semifinal match against Tampa. Emotions are indescribable.

The Stanley Cup and Ovechkin in the hockey environment – this is like Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar. For so many years, the joke has already piled up, and now Ovi has a chance to get out of the vicious circle of defeats.

The Capitals are motivated as never before

This legendary final series will begin on Tuesday, May 29. And whatever the outcome, he will clearly become a special chapter in the great book of hockey. We have a chance to literally become a witness of history, do not miss it.

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