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In the US, a pupil put up for sale his school. In response, he was forbidden to attend classes and come to the prom

The 18-year-old teenager estimated the “huge 20-room facility” at 12 thousand dollars.

Photos Craigslist
Photos Craigslist
A high school student, Kylan Scheele, from Independence, Missouri, USA, exhibited the building of his educational institution for sale. In the description on the site of electronic ads Craigslist, the 18-year-old said that he was selling a “huge 20-room facility”, estimating it at 12,275 dollars (about 750 thousand rubles).

Other people were going to release live mice or, you know, make a semblance of a beach in the lobby. And I thought that you can do something more at ease. So I just decided to put the school up for sale.

Kilan Scheele
Kilan Scheele
Kilan Scheele

In addition, Scheele listed a number of features that could attract a potential buyer to choose this option.

“Recently made a football field”;
“Recently added four modern classes”;
“Convenient location near Walmart”;
“Huge parking, great for party lovers”;
“Great dining room”;
“The reason for the sale is the loss of schoolchildren”;
“The school is named after US President Harry Truman”;

from the Craigslist

Soon the school administration calculated the author of the comic announcement. In addition, Sheele’s words about the “loss of schoolchildren” interested in the police, seeing in this “alleged threat” for students. The teenager confessed that he wrote this, because he and other senior students this year finish their studies.

But the conflict did not end there. Sheele said that the school administration suspended his education for the remainder of the academic year and did not allow him to go to the prom.

Because of the increased caution, the school administration and police officers investigated and determined that there was no threat in this case. But the student who creates this situation, regardless of whether it is considered plausible or not, must face punishment. Because of the problem of school violence in the US, the remaining part of the school year we will have additional police officers working for us.

school statement

The schoolboy does not understand how you can see in his announcement a threat to the lives of students. Mom teenager Denetra Clark (Denetra Clark) is trying to find a bright side to solve the problem.

He will receive his diploma, no matter what. But maybe the party will start earlier.

Deneter Clarke
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