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The first buyers of the “slippery” iPhone 6 warned of the danger of using it in the toilet

The first buyers of the “slippery” iPhone 6 warned of the danger of using it in the toilet. This was noticed by the portal  Daily Dot .
September 19 in some countries started selling new iPhones. The same day, a video about a young Australian became a virus, who bought the gadget one of the first and dropped it on the sidewalk on the air of local television.

After that, it took only a few days for social networks to accumulate dozens of posts of iPhone 6 owners who did not hold the smartphone in their hands, and their friends and relatives. The reason for jokes in a number of cases was the fall of the iPhone into the toilet.

However, as it turned out, this does not always mean the death of the device.

There was even a statement that the new iPhone is made more slippery than the previous one, and therefore you need to be especially careful when sending messages and tweets from the restroom.

Another common cause of the death of new iPhones was the fall on a solid surface.

Meanwhile, some Apple fans just “upgraded” their iPhones from an older model. The joke quickly gained popularity and sold in numerous copies.

On September 12, a week before the start of sales, Russian singer Irakli Pirtskhalava posted a video on his YouTube channel that allegedly showed his iPhone 6. The singer called the smartphone “a real evil” that prevented people from communicating with each other and broke it against the wall.

After the appearance of a new line of iPhones, it became obvious that the musician had a fake in his hands. The quality of the recording does not allow you to assess the appearance of the gadget it breaks, but the box clearly shows the print, while the original packaging of the iPhone 6 has a white cover.

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