The owners of the iPhone 6 Plus complained that the smartphone can bend in your pocket

The first owners of the iPhone 6 Plus found that the case of the smartphone can be deformed when worn in your pocket. During the discussion of this phenomenon, a #Bendgate tag was born on Twitter .
September 19 went on sale a new line of smartphones from Apple. It took less than a week for the fans of the brand to find the vulnerabilities of the devices – and if the iPhone 6 is either joking or seriously accused of being “too slippery”, then the claim to the iPhone 6 Plus looks more reasonable.

Owners of the largest smartphone in the history of the company found that its body can be deformed, for example, if you carry an iPhone in a pocket of tight jeans.

The first complaint, attracted the attention of the Internet, appeared on the forum portal MacRumors . Her author said that he spent several hours driving, and then as a guest at the wedding, and all this time his new iPhone 6 Plus was in the front pocket of his trousers and slightly, but bent markedly.

Later discontent of the owners of iPhone 6 Plus resulted in Twitter.

The spontaneous FlashMob #Bendgate even had its own Twitter account, the author of which tried to draw Tim Cook’s attention, praising the “flexible display” of the device.

Large online publications such as Mashable , Daily Dot , Business Insider , Huffington Post and others joined the discussion enthusiastically .

In this case, the test conducted by Unbox Therapy, proved that you need to make a lot of effort in order to really bend the smartphone. The experiment was shot on video, and in less than a day, he collected 1.7 million views on YouTube.

With a similar problem encountered not only Apple – so, for example, the deformation of the smartphone complained to the owners of Sony Xperia. However, for the company Tim Cook complaints about bent under the pressure of the iPhone is also not a precedent.


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