Architecture: 10 unusual wedding chapels

Crystal Shoe”, “Forest Chapel”, building-tape and others.

Inspired by the wedding of British Prince Harry and American actress Megan Markle, the portal Dezeen published a compilation of ten strange and unusual wedding chapels.

The Beijing studio Vector Architects built this small chapel on the coast. During the tide it looks like a drifting boat. In addition to the room for ceremonies, there is a meditation room for one person, a toilet, a small office and a mezzanine for the pianist.
The giant “Cinderella shoe” is built in Taiwan from more than 320 tinted glass panels. The unusual shape of the 16-meter building made it a popular backdrop for wedding photographs.
The façade of the rainbow chapel in the north of Shanghai is made up of three thousand glass panels of 65 different colors.
The chapel in the form of a twisted tape is located on the territory of the Japanese hotel Bella Vista Sakaigahama. Wedding ceremonies are held on the roof, after which the couple descends the complex spiral staircase. According to the architect, the building is symbolic – as two separate lives are combined into one, and two separate “tapes” on top of the building are closed, forming a wedding platform.
The “Tower of Love” in British Blackpool is built in such a way that behind the priest’s back is a window overlooking the famous Blackpool Tower.
The whole building of the chapel, built on the shore of the lake in the Japanese prefecture Shiga, in windy weather turns into a giant musical instrument. The secret lies in the harp strings stretched in the wall slots.
The creators of the chapel in Chinese Nanjing were inspired by the shape of the butterfly wings.
The architect of the wedding center in Saitama, Japan, was to develop a brand identity for the brand, which opens similar centers throughout the country. The facade of the building is covered with zigzags, which can fit into any shape.
The marriage registration center in Chinese Shenzhen, according to the idea of ​​its creators, looks as if they were showered with confetti. Wedding processions to him pass through narrow long bridges over the water.
The creator of the “forest chapel” in Japan used trees as the main motive – the columns are made in the form of tree trunks with branches and are arranged in a chaotic manner.
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