Apple’s internal documents showed that the company knew about the bending iPhone problem 6

But publicly stated that there were no problems with the devices.

Photos Huffington Post
Photos Huffington Post

Apple knew that the iPhone 6 bends much more often than previous models and it was possible to fix it only with changes in the design. This follows from the internal documents that the company provided to the court in the case of the screen shutdown due to the bending shell of the iPhone 6.

The documents were not published publicly, but part of the content was disclosed by Judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh). According to Apple’s internal information, the company even at the testing stage, iPhone 6 found that the regular “six” was 3.3 times more inclined to bend than the iPhone 5S, and the version Plus – 7.2 times more.

However, Apple did not change the design of smartphones, which led to a scandal in 2014, which was called “bendgate”. Users complained that the iPhone 6 bent in the pockets due to defects in design, and YouTube to publishvideos on which smartphones flexed his bare hands without much effort.

The American company then said that the phones bend “incredibly rare” in normal use. Apple even invited several publications to its campus to show reporters how smartphones are tested under harsh conditions.

The scandal became more ambitious when it became clear that the deformation of the case could lead to disabling the touchscreen, and in this case the smartphone would become useless. According to Judge Koch, Apple made changes to the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in May 2016, adding an additional layer of epoxy to the chip responsible for the screen. At the same time, the company publicly continued to deny the existence of the problem.

In the next iPhone model, the company changed the design of the smartphone, increasing the density of the corners of the body by almost half.

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