Apple finally won a patent dispute with Samsung on the rights to rounded corners in smartphones


The conflict of the companies lasted seven years, and, it seems, has come to an end.

The jury in the San Jose city court ruled that Samsung had violated Apple’s patent for smartphone design elements, such as rounded corners or a ring on the front of the device. The trial lasted from 2011 due to numerous appeals from Samsung, and now the Korean company must pay 539 million dollars. This was reported by Bloomberg.

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Apple representatives

As noted by the publication, the jury decided whether Samsung should have money from Apple based on sales of its smartphones or components that violated the patents of the American corporation.

The conflict began in 2011, when Apple demanded from Samsung 2.5 billion dollars for infringing patents on “rounded corners”, “ring on the front of smartphones” and other design elements of smartphones and the operating system iOS. The first court ended in the victory of the American corporation, but the amount of damage was reduced to one billion dollars.

After that, Samsung several times appealed, and the next time the court decided that Apple can not legally register the appearance of the iPhone as a trademark. Nevertheless, the Korean company was ordered to pay $ 548 million. This amount was transferred to Apple in 2015, after the companies agreed on a legal armistice outside the United States.

Since then, Samsung has filed appeals against the California courts several times , since the amount of damage was calculated from the company’s total profits. The Korean corporation intended to recalculate the amount in its favor, but in one of the final decisions, the court again sided with Apple and awarded it $ 120 million for violation of the slide-to-unlock patent.

The final decision of the court left in force the previous decisions of the courts on the amount of damages in favor of Apple. Probably, on this both companies will stop.

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