Apple bought an Israeli startup, promising professional quality images in the smartphone due to the use of a four-photomodule

Apple Corporation has acquired the Israeli manufacturer of photomodules LinX, which promises a similar quality to the SLR camera images in the smartphone. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal .
As in all such cases, Apple declined to comment on the deal, however, according to sources close to both sources of the Wall Street Journal, the purchase cost the corporation Tim Cook at $ 20 million.

The latest development of LinX is a camera module for the smartphone, capable of creating a high-quality blur in the background, shooting photos with the effect of parallax shifting and ordinary 3D shots.

These capabilities are achieved through the use of four simultaneously connected photosensors located next to each other and performing individual tasks, the results of which are combined by the software in the final frame.

As the publication notes, the LinX module can be Apple’s solution to the problem with the protruding camera in the iPhone 6, because due to its quad structure it turns out to be more subtle than the solutions of competitors. According to The Wall Street Journal, the corporation intends to embed it not only in smartphones and tablets, but also in its laptops.

Another important function of the LinX development is the ability to adjust the focus in the frame after it is shot, just as it is done in the Lytro camera based on the light field capture technology. In addition, the LinX module significantly improves the color rendering and HDR mode performance, and also allows you to take high-quality pictures without flash in low light conditions.

Example of a photograph taken with a Lytro camera
Example of a photograph taken with a Lytro camera

Recently, this is not the first time that the upcoming generations of iPhone promise a professional-quality camera. In mid-January, the media, citing Apple suppliers, saidthat the iPhone 6s will have a module with two lenses, which is much higher than that of the iPhone 6 and provides “at the level of a SLR camera”.

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