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Trump agreed to meet with Kim Jong-Eun

Negotiations should be held before May 2018.

President of the United States Donald Trump. Reuters photo

President of the United States Donald Trump agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-no. This was announced by the adviser on national security of South Korea Chon Yi Yong during a press conference in the White House.

According to him, South Korea acted as a mediator in the negotiations and conveyed the desire of Kim Jong-un to meet with Trump “as soon as possible.” The US president decided to agree to make sure that the DPRK refused from nuclear ambitions. Trump noted that he was ready to do it “before May.”

Chung Yi Yong also noted that at a meeting with representatives of South Korea Kim Jong-un promised to stop any further nuclear and missile tests.

Immediately after the press conference at the White House, Trump confirmed the information on the negotiations in his Twitter account. He noted that the speech at the meeting with South Korea was not only about suspending the tests, but about full denuclearization.

“Kim Jong-un spoke with South Korea about denuclearization, and not about the suspension [of the tests]. In addition, there were no launches from the DPRK during [the talks]. We have made good progress, but the sanctions will remain until agreement is reached. The meeting is already planned! “

The South Korean delegation arrived in Washington on March 9 to discuss the results of the recent talks with the DPRK. During the meeting with the US President, representatives of South Korea handed over a letter from Kim Jong-

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