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The Minister of Transport of New Zealand resigned because he called the plane before the flight

He considered that as a minister, first of all, he should not violate the rules of the flight.

Phil Twyford. Photos of Newshub
Transport Minister of New Zealand Phil Twyford (Phil Twyford) applied for his resignation after he called on board the aircraft.

According to Twyford, he made the call when the plane was preparing to take off on the domestic route. The minister added that he called the staff member of his staff and at that time it seemed to him that this was an important conversation.

I understand that I made the call when I should not have done this. This is unacceptable for anyone, especially for me, as for the Minister of Transport. I sincerely apologize.

Phil Twiford
Minister of Transport of New Zealand

Tweiff added that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern did not accept his resignation. She transferred his civil aviation duties to his deputy.

Ardren decided that Twiiffe should be removed from the Civil Aviation Administration for the duration of the investigation. A source close to the situation told the Newshub newspaper that it is not yet known whether the minister was permanently suspended from his duties.

I expect from my ministers the execution of laws. As Minister of Transport, Phil must follow all the rules established in civil aviation.

Jasinda Ardren
Prime Minister of New Zealand

Under the rules of civil aviation, passengers can not use telephones or other “portable electronic devices that transmit electromagnetic waves”. Punishment for the violation is from 500 to 2.5 thousand dollars (from 30 thousand to 153 thousand rubles).

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