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The Kaliningrad hotel raised prices for the 2018 World Cup by 5283 percent

Night in a single room – only 129 thousand rubles.

“Agora” in Kaliningrad. Photos from the hotel’s website
Rosturizm published a list of hotels that, in his opinion, inflated prices during the World Cup 2018 – it will be held from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities.

Employees of the agency made a rating, having studied the services of online booking. According to the list, the highest price was inflated by the hotel “Agora” from Kaliningrad – by 5283.33%.

If the “maximum adjustable” cost of the night in a single (double or multi-seat) room was 2400 rubles, then for the World Cup 2018 it increased to 129,200 rubles. On the website of “Agora” prices are not specified .

In a conversation with , the hotel representatives called the rating “wrong” and suggested that Rosturizm should correct it. Details in the “Agora” promised to comment on the situation later.

The Rostourism list includes 41 hotels. Most often, prices have inflated hotels from Rostov-on-Don (14) and Moscow (12). Among other things, there are overestimations of the standards by 333% – from 15 to 65 thousand in the hotel “Kamergersky”, 399% – from 6970 to 34800 rubles in the hotel “Petrovka 17” and 457% – from 6100 to 34000 rubles in the hotel “Russian Style “.

In 2016, the Russian government approved the maximum prices for hotels during the World Cup 2018. The most expensive room should not cost more than 650 thousand rubles per night, and the cheapest, in a hotel without stars – no more than 3480 rubles.

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