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“Team Leader”: Emilia Clarke recreated several stock photos

The Star of the Game of Thrones is now a prosperous business woman.

"Team leader"
“Team leader”

Actress Emilia Clark (“The Games of Thrones”, “Han Solo, Star Wars: Stories”) took part in comic shootings for the publication of Vanity Fair. This time, she turned into the image of a prosperous business woman, repeating a series of stock photos.

"Successful victory of the business lady"
“Successful victory of the business lady”

Clarke starred for a series of shots with common names: “Team Leader”, “Pointing to Statistics”, “Overloaded” and others. In a satirical interview with the publication, the actress admitted that she was preparing for the role and was trying to understand Microsoft and Power Point “at a deeper level.”

I was waiting for this moment, this defining moment of my career. This honesty and truth, which I found in my heroine – business lady Barbara.

Emilia Clarke

Clark said that despite the exaggerated and ridiculous expressions on the stock images, this work is probably not as simple as it seems.

"Pointing to Statistics"
“Pointing to Statistics”

Creating stock photos is probably the most powerful thing that happened to me. And it really influenced who I am and what I want to be. Moving forward, making stock images is a new high bar, and I just really hope that I will continue to participate in their filming.

Emilia Clarke
"Everything will be fine"
“Everything will be fine”

Examples of stock photos, which Clark tried to repeat.

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