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Taking Muscovite as a hostage, he led a blog in Odnoklassniki. The threats and complaints of realtors no one noticed

The suspect surrendered after the assault, but one of the hostages perished.

Alexander Borovoy. Photo from his page in Odnoklassniki
On May 24, in the east of Moscow, an armed man took hostage a married couple with a child. He locked up people in one of the apartment rooms in the house number 15 on Molostovy Street and, according to police, shot at the ceiling.

Rosgvardia stormed the building. Soon after that, the ambulance brought a woman from the building with a baby and took out the body of one of the hostages. Officially, the police confirmed that after the assault the suspect surrendered, he was wounded.

The media named the name of the suspect – it’s Alexander Borovoi. He wrote in Odnoklassniki even during the hostage-taking. Judging by his activism in the social network, before that he was in conflict with the family of the victims because of the share in the apartment.

Who is Borovoy and what did he do

The page in “Odnoklassniki” states that Borovoi is 47 years old, but in the comments under one of the entries he called it a mistake and stated that in fact he was 57. He was born in Irkutsk, but he has lived in Moscow for a long time.

Borovoy worked as an artist of arts and crafts. According to the website on painting, the man “has his pupils, imitators and followers”, “developed new techniques and ways of embroidering”, participated in profile associations and showed works at many exhibitions. He also published his works in social networks.

According to the neighbors, some time ago Borovoe was filming TV programs, including repairs. “Evening Moscow” found a joint photo of a Muscovite and Yevgeny Petrosyan.

In “Classmates” a man wrote not only about his work, but also occasionally – about unfair situations in Russia, for example, about emergency housing, which ignore the authorities. In March 2017, he said: “I’m not a Stalinist, it’s rather the other way around.”

What a man wrote about the threats of murder and “black realtors”

On March 9, Borovoy first wrote in Odnoklassniki a joke about collectors as “Robin Gudakh who take money from the poor and give them to the rich”, but did not explain whether they had any claims to him. On March 20, he reported on a certain “interest-free loan for a mortgage,” and on April 9 said: “Take a loan – become a deceived interest-holder.”

Since May 13, the Muscovite has regularly written that he is threatened with murder. At the same time, he repeatedly noted that he was looking for an heir and was ready to consider for those purposes even those who did not belong to him as a relative. Borovoy also published a pile of notifications from ATS.

In social networks Borovoi accused of the injustice of “black realtors”. He wrote that some “bandits” offered him to move out in exchange for housing in the village for 500 thousand rubles. Then he was supposedly turned off the light, gas and sewer.

Today, black realtors have promised that they will come to me in the evening and will resettle me this night. They were drunk, and I really know that today there will be adventures. Before this, they broke the door together with the door jamb. Appealed to the police. They did not “notice” anything.

Therefore, I really know that a drunken company will enter and will “resettle” all night long. Therefore he called the police twice. They came. Nothing was found. Even the broken door. They responded to the psychiatric hospital. The brigade arrived. Responded correctly – they saw me shivering with fear, conducted a survey, but of course, there were no deviations, only the strongest stress.

Alexander Borovoy

All claims of people who came to the apartment to Borovoe, he considered insolvent. Moskvich assured that they use the techniques of neurolinguistic programming.

All their claims are emotional – that I have a dirty bachelor apartment with cockroaches. But during these days they did not find a single cockroach, a bug of ants, rats and other evil spirits – I etched everything. They shoot a lot on the video, but they can not produce a single cockroach.

Alexander Borovoy

According to Mash and Telegram-channel 112 , the suspect for a long time conflicted with neighbors because of the share in the apartment. Presumably, Borovoy’s son sold some of the housing to the Yeremin family, whom his father took as hostages. According to unconfirmed reports, at the time of the incident the suspect was drunk.

What Borovoy wrote on the day of the incident

At 18:46 Moscow time, Borovoy wrote that he blamed the state for his problems, without the help of which he was left alone. “It’s closer to evening. Hour H. comes to me, to the man, even it is interesting, as I shall react to a situation “, – the muscovite wrote.

At 19:28 Borovoy told Odnoklassniki about the hostage-taking and wrote the exact address. He indicated the only requirement – to talk with the policeman, who, in his words , “decided the matter is not in his favor.” The first reports of the incident appeared around 19:40.

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