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Russian space robot “Fedor” learned to shoot with two hands


Representing him Dmitry Rogozin assured that Russia does not create a Terminator.

Robot FEDOR (center). Photo from Dmitry Rogozin's page on Facebook
Robot FEDOR (center). Photo from Dmitry Rogozin’s page on Facebook

Vice-Premier of Russia Dmitry Rogozin told on his Facebook page about the continued training of the robot FEDOR, which in the future should become an assistant to Russian cosmonauts. This time Fedor was trained in shooting skills.

As the deputy prime minister noted, the robot competed with the shooting instructor, and fired “on different targets from both hands.” Rogozin explained that the Foundation for Advanced Studies trains the robot with fine motor skills and instills decision algorithms.

For what the robot needs to be trained in shooting, Rogozin explained in his tweet.

Combat robotics is the key to building intelligent machines. This applies, among other things, to aviation and outer space. Training in shooting is a way of teaching the machine to prioritize, instantaneously, and make decisions. We do not create a terminator, but artificial intelligence.

Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

The Russian robot “Fedor” was first demonstrated in October 2016. Then he was also introduced by Dmitry Rogozin, explaining that this robot, which at that time was already able to drive UAZ and push up, is necessary for “conquering the cosmos”.

In October 2016, the robot took part in the Moscow Orthodox exhibition, where Patriarch Kirill was shown.

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