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Russia was officially accused of international terrorism. This is the main page of the largest news portal

The headline is an article by the observer Sergei Gurkin from the Regnum agency, who was born in 1983 in Kharkov and, judging by his materials in the publication, specializes in the Ukrainian political agenda.

According to external observations, the material of the observer Regnum headed the themes of the day on “Yandex” for at least 45 minutes in a row (and continues to be in the first place at the time of publication). Updated at 15:00 : the subject heading was replaced by “The investigation stated about the Russian origin of the beetle knocked down by MH17”. This is the news of Kommersant, published at 12:51, 20 minutes before Gurkin’s article on Regnum.

“Yandeks.Novosti” – is still the most visited news portal in Russia. According to the TNS Web Index , in April 2018 it was visited only in Russia and only from the desktop 21.31 million people. In February 2017, Roskomnadzor included a service in the register of news aggregators.

So the formal description of "Yandex.News" sounds
So the formal description of “Yandex.News” sounds

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