Rogozin headed Roskosmos. He was often criticized for failures in the space industry

han the official was remembered, twice failed starts from “East” and lost competition to SpaceX in cargo transportation.

Dmitry Rogozin. Photo by Sergey Mamontov, RIA Novosti
Dmitry Rogozin. Photo by Sergey Mamontov, RIA Novosti

May 24, Vladimir Putin, as expected , appointed the head of Roskosmos, former vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin. According to Izvestia, the space agency will be transformed into a rocket and space holding company that will unite producers and developers of missile weapons, satellites and spacecraft.

Even before the official appointment of Rogozin, the source of RBC explainedthat “the president gave him a chance to correct mistakes made during his work in the military-industrial complex.”  remembered what the official remembered from his work in the space industry.

Rogozin has been in charge of space for seven years, he is reproached for the lack of a profile education

In 1986, Rogozin graduated from the International Department of the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, and two years later – the Economics Department of the University of Marxism-Leninism under the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU. Later he received the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (“philosophy and theory of wars”) and Doctor of Technical Sciences (“Theory of Armament and Military-Technical Policy”).

Rogozin as deputy chairman of the government oversaw the military-industrial complex and the space industry since 2011, having in it real powers, heading thesupervisory board of Roskosmos. He argued the agency’s strategy, where to spend profits and what to do with investments. As Novaya Gazeta notes , Rogozin’s decisions in seven years are “more than enough” for his resignation: “It is impossible to imagine any new reason why Rogozin should be dismissed from his post as head of the council.”

Rogozin was criticized because of the failures of the “Eastern” and other projects of the space industry

Rogozin in the status of deputy prime minister supervised all three launches from the spaceport “Vostochny”, which occurred from 2016 to 2018. In April 2016, the first launch of the Soyuz-2.1a rocket was interrupted a few minutes before the start because of the cable connector for transferring information to the on-board computer. Because of the mistake, Vladimir Putin, who arrived at the start, had to wait another day. The second launch of Soyuz-2.1a on November 28, 2017 started successfully, but after the launch the satellite ceased to communicate: it turned out that the settings were mistakenly programmed for Baikonur. Only the third time Roskosmos launchedrocket – even after the next hyphenation, but without incident. Then, in February 2018, the first persons and Rogozin himself did not even come to Vostochny.

Dmitry Medvedev publicly criticized Rogozin for unsuccessful launches from the “Eastern”. In response, the Deputy Prime Minister pointed to systemic mistakes in the agency’s management.

With Rogozin also attributed to the failure of the laboratory module “Science”, which the Roskosmos plans to send to the International Space Station. The start was repeatedly postponed, in 2017 – due to defects : the expiration date of the parts in the fuel system was over, so the complex was completely overpowered. In April, new dates appeared: “Science” is planned to be delivered to Baikonur in 2018, to be launched on the ISS in 2019.

Back in April 2014, Rogozin said that Russia “is going to come to the moon forever” for its development. In December of the same year, he doubted the need for flights to the Moon and Mars: “I used to like this idea myself earlier. But now […] it is necessary to consider, we have a little money now, and we are in a hostile environment. ” In December 2015 Roskosmos removed the project of the base on the Moon from the space program, but Rogozin assured that Russia had not completely abandoned its plans. In a new project, adopted in 2016, the research of the lunar program was again financed.

Rogozin’s departure from the government because of “failures in the space industry” was actively discussed in December 2017, reported RBC. But then there were no speeches about Roskosmos: the vice-premier was offered to make a candidate for governors of an unnamed region or sent by a representative of Russia at an unnamed international organization.

With Rogozin, “Proton” lost to Falcon

Under Rogozin, Roskosmos closed the Angara cargo lifting project because of problems with financing and possible growth in prices. Before this, the designers promised to do the “Angara” by analogy with the Falcon rockets from SpaceX.

Together with the failure of the Angara, Roskosmos began to carry out far fewer commercial launches of Proton than several years ago appeared on the SpaceX market. As a result, Russia lost the world leadership in the number of launches and took only the third place for the USA and China. “In fact, tomorrow Roskosmos plans to compete with yesterday’s SpaceX,” said the creator of the community “Open Space” Vitaly Egorov.

Rogozin considered competition with Musk “too shallow”, but suggested using his developments

Rogozin said that Roskosmos should not “push” with the head of SpaceX elon Musk and China in the market for launching payloads into orbit. According to the vice-premier, this industry accounts for 4% of the total space services market.

At the same time, Rogozin did not hide that he was following the activities of the Musk. “I have analyzed some of its technical solutions with our specialists, and I can say that we are ashamed, but we will use something,” the deputy prime minister said. Moreover, Rogozin called Musk “a brilliant PR”, “a great fellow and clever”, which, according to the vice-premier, earns on electric cars and other projects, and spends on space.

“The competition of super efficient private business with a system that seems to have long ago forgotten about missile launches and works only to develop money, ” Novaya Gazeta described the level of competition between the Musk and Roskosmos.

Rogozin has one of the lowest ratings

In December 2017, the independent foundation “Petersburg Politics”, publishing research on Russian officials, called Dmitry Rogozin one of the main “allergens of public opinion.” This means a low coefficient of positive media perception, according to which the vice prime minister conceded that Vitaly Mutko and Vladimir Medinsky.

At the same time, Rogozin was remembered by journalists as one of the most outgoing officials in the previous government. He continues to actively lead Twitter, which was last time in a scandal in February. Then Rogozin closed the account after journalists discovered that the official denied the existence of a nephew, which he had previously written about.

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