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RIA Novosti incorrectly translated the term from the report on the Malaysian Boeing and announced the document as a fake

The correspondents of the agency misled the State Duma deputy, whom they asked to comment on the statement of the international investigation.

RIA Novosti journalists mixed the term from the report of the International Investigation Group, which on May 24 accused the Russian Defense Ministry of involvement in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing MH-17. They translated the word “fingerprints” as “fingerprints,” although the report was referring to the distinctive features of the Buk complex machines, Medusa noted .

The agency’s correspondents were also deceived by the deputy head of the State Duma defense committee Yury Shvytkin, who was asked to comment on the investigation’s findings. They asked him: how did the investigators from the Netherlands establish the Russians’ involvement in transporting the Buka because of the “fingerprints” allegedly found on the machines of the complex.

How could they install fingerprints? They do not have a database that could identify the biometric data [of the Russian military]. And how can fingerprints belong to the brigade? They should belong to a specific serviceman. But how can they identify the real fingerprints of the serviceman who is serving? Stupidity. It’s fake.

Yury Shvytkin
deputy head of the State Duma defense committee (quoted by RIA Novosti)

At the time of this writing, the site RIA still was the news with commentary Shvytkina titled “The State Duma called a fake statements about Russian supplies brought down MH17” Buka “.”

(Updated at 15:30) : RIA Novosti canceled Shvytkin’s comment “in connection with the incorrect translation of the original news.” The agency also apologized to readers for the error of their journalists.

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