Putin invited Rogozin to head Roskosmos. He promised to do “everything necessary” to justify the trust

Prior to this, the former deputy prime minister oversaw the space industry.

Rogozin and Putin. Photo by RIA Novosti
Rogozin and Putin. Photo by RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin invited former vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin to head the state corporation Roskosmos. Earlier, the official was in charge of the military-industrial complex and the space industry.

I will do everything possible and necessary to justify your [president’s] confidence.

Dmitry Rogozin
former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

May 14, RBC , citing sources, wrote that Rogozin could lead Roskosmos and reorganize the corporation into a rocket and space holding company. “The president gave him a chance to correct mistakes made during his work in the military-industrial complex,” one of the interlocutors of the newspaper said.

On May 18, Rogozin was not included in the list of candidates for the new government of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The post of curator of the military-industrial complex was put by the former deputy defense minister Yuri Borisov.

Rogozin in the post of deputy prime minister remembered the protracted construction of the spaceport Vostochny, a reprimand from Putin for the unsuccessful launch of the missile, the presentation of the domestic robot Fyodor and a scandal due to the experiment with the immersion of the dachshund in a special liquid.

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