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Pornhub launched its own VPN service

The site expects this to help users bypass locks and geographical restrictions.

Pornhub launched a VPN service with a no-limit tariff. VPNhub is available to users on all major platforms: Android, iOS, macOS and Windows.

The service is designed to bypass regional restrictions and locks from providers. In addition, Pornhub promises protection of personal data: complete anonymity without collecting any information on their servers.

In conversation with The Verge, the vice president of Pornhub said that the service will allow users not to be afraid that their traffic will be intercepted even if they go online through public Wi-Fi networks. The basic version of VPNhub is available for free in many countries, but Pornhub was warned that the service can be blocked by authorities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China.

VPNhub Premium will cost $ 12.99 a month, for this amount you can use the service without advertising and with increased speed. In addition, in the premium version, you can choose the countries through which traffic will go, and in the free version of VPNhub will connect to the nearest available server.

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