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Police officers who came to guard the World Cup 2018, told about bad food and cockroaches in the rooms. The Ministry of Internal Affairs denies everything

Difficulties before the World Cup arose not only among fans.

Policemen in Volgograd have lunch. A shot from the video community "Police Ombudsman"
Policemen in Volgograd have lunch. A shot from the video community “Police Ombudsman”
In social networks published a video from Volgograd with lunch policemen who arrived to strengthen the protection at the World Cup-2018. Employees after distributing rations from the body of the car were eating on the street, and some of them, due to poor quality of products, threw bags onto the ground.

The Interior Ministry said that the information in the video from Volgograd is not true. However, in the media and social networks, there were other police complaints about problems with food, shelter and work schedule.

Eating during the service

On May 20, in the community “Police Ombudsman” in “VKontakte” published a video in which policemen during the service receive packages with a ration from the truck body. The process organizes, apparently, the driver of the car. Inside the package are vegetables, chops, buckwheat and juice. “Che, everything is hotter, boys?”, Asks the author of the video, to which the colleagues answer him: “What hotter? Ice “and” What is this shit “.

Policemen in Volgograd receive a ration. A shot from the video of the "Police Ombudsman"
Policemen in Volgograd receive a ration. A shot from the video of the “Police Ombudsman”

Judging by the video, in Volgograd, they did not provide seats for policemen’s lunch, so they ate outside and standing – for example, in concrete blocks. At the end of the video, one of the employees throws out a packet with the contents to the ground. “Can you feed normally that you can not?” – Says voice-overs.

Thrown to the ground a packet of food. A shot from the video of the "Police Ombudsman"
Thrown to the ground a packet of food. A shot from the video of the “Police Ombudsman”
On May 21, a correspondence was posted in the Ombudsman of the Police , stating that the Interior Ministry fired the video’s author and someone who “merged” the video, changed the commandant of the detachment (allegedly from “good man” to “despot”) and refused to pay travel expenses. Officially, this information was not confirmed.

Lunch of policemen in Volgograd. Video from the community “Police Ombudsman”

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Volgograd region, they said that the police were taken food without violations and according to the concluded state contracts. According to the agency, some employees simply did not want to eat indoors.

The seconded police officers were offered food for the dining room on Chuikov Street. Some police officers preferred to eat in the dining room, the other part – on the street, on their own.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd Region

On May 19, the editors of published a complaint from policemen from Rostov-on-Don, who were resettled in hostels. There, among other things, the ban on visits by relatives and the transfer of food from outside.

An example of lunch for policemen. Photo
An example of lunch for policemen. Photo
Accommodation and daily routine

Additional detachments of policemen who arrived to strengthen the guard at the World Cup 2018, mostly settled in the student dormitories of universities. The fact that in May the students will begin to vacate the rooms, the head of the Ministry of Education Olga Vasilieva spoke back in November 2017. According to the state purchases, the average accommodation cost 600 rubles per person per day.

The author of the video about the policemen’s dinner told the “Ombudsman of the Police” that he and other employees had been placed in an “abandoned” children’s camp and were not allowed to leave it outside of office hours. He claims that there were no water in the toilets for three days, and there were only eight outlets in the corridor of the building for 40 people.

A room in the Zavolzhye. Photo of the children, having a rest in the camp
A room in the Zavolzhye. Photo of the children, having a rest in the camp
According to the author, we are talking about the children’s health camp “Zavolzhye” in the Volgograd floodplain. According to the state procurement, 307 policemen were resettled there for 65 days for 8.56 million rubles or 429 rubles for each day. Director of the institution Elena Borzenko assured the BBC in the absence of any domestic problems: “And I will not answer questions. They came from the leadership and watched everything. Everyone is happy with everything. “

The MVD for the Volgograd region said that the head of the department and the head of the public council at the command post personally visited the camp and talked to everyone in the detachment. As a result, the agency found that “there are no problems associated with the organization of accommodation and meals”.

But complaints about housing appeared not only in Volgograd. An anonymous entry published in the “Police Ombudsman” says that in Rostov-on-Don the detachment was resettled in hostels and forbidden to leave its borders: “The maximum on the report is to go to the store and back”. According to the author, in the rooms “cockroaches run around the herd”, but the general who came to the place allegedly said that “you can live.”

In an appeal on the site the author on behalf of the traveled policemen complained that they live “like zeks and do not expect better”. According to him, four, six or even 20 people were accommodated in the rooms, but practically they are not allowed to leave the perimeter. “We placed them as prisoners. Nobody here waited for us. There are almost no furniture in the rooms. No cabinets, no bedside tables, even mattresses were not everywhere, “he added.

Bed of the policeman in the hostel. Photo
Bed of the policeman in the hostel. Photo
The author complained of the impossibility of washing and the ban on the summer form for unknown reasons. According to him, the police have to patrol patrols for 17-18 hours in shoes and warm clothing. The day of publication of this record in Rostov-on-Don was + 22 ° C.

On the “swin conditions” of housing also complained to policemen who came to Yekaterinburg, reported, citing sources in law enforcement. According to the source, the employees encountered dirt, unsanitary conditions and lack of water in the hostels. “They were given a five-liter bottle of water: they say, drink, wash, do not deny yourself anything,” – the source of cited. After that, the newspaper wrote, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Yekaterinburg began to personally travel around the placements.

According to another complaint in the community “Police Ombudsman”, a mother-in-law of two children (2 and 7 years old) was threatened with dismissal from Klinsky district of Moscow region and Moscow for two months. Since her husband allegedly works in another department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the family has no one to leave children with. Confirmations of this story could not be found.

As pointed out by the Russian service of the BBC, some commentators in social networks still do not complain about the conditions for placing police officers, and even praise the numbers and food. Some said that “this is just the beginning of a business trip.” However, in the community in “VKontakte” there was also criticism of the staff.

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