On Reddit noticed that the iPhone begins to work better if you replace the battery

And they assumed that Apple intentionally slows the work of processors in smartphones with a worn out battery.

The user Reddit with the nickname TeckFire noticed that the iPhone 6s with the old battery works much worse than the same model with the new one.

He noticed that his iPhone 6S began to work much slower even after updates. After that, he used the iPhone 6 Plus, which belonged to his brother, and found that it works faster. After that TeckFire decided to replace the battery on your smartphone.

Before the change, he tested in Geekbench, which showed 1466 points in a single-core test and 2512 in a multi-core test. These figures are significantly below the average – 2330 and 3984, respectively, noted the publication iClarified. After replacing the battery, the single-core test showed a score of 2526 points and a multi-core test of 4456. The wear of the TeckFire battery was 20%.

He also noted that Apple slows down the work of smartphones with old batteries.

I can conclude that Apple intentionally slows down the work of smartphones when their battery wears out so that charging can last all day. This also means that the iPhone can run very slowly for no apparent reason. Do the testing and understand that this slows down your smartphone.

Results of the TeckFire user's Geekbench study
Results of the TeckFire user’s Geekbench study
The same behavior was noticed by the users of iPhone 7, despite the fact that the new devices have more powerful processors.

Last year, Apple introduced a battery replacement program after users of the iPhone 6s reported an unexpected shutdown of the smartphone. Then the company claimed that the problems arose due to the “production problem” and touched on “a small number of users.”

After that, the company released iOS 10.2.1, which was able to fix 80% of iPhone 6s and 70% of iPhone 6. iClarified noted that the update slowed down the processor if it found the battery in poor condition.

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